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LEFTLINK's business lead generation service will seek out leads for your business and send them to you. If you already have some sort of system in place for getting leads, like a website or Facebook page, you may wonder why you'd want to pay someone else to do it for you. While it's true that hiring a company to generate leads for you would be an expense, you'll probably find that it's well worth the expense for a number of different reasons.


No matter what type of business you're in, you didn't get started only to spend a significant portion of your time seeking out clients. If you're a lawyer, you want to practice law. If you're a roofer, you want to be out fixing roofs. Hiring out the lead generation means that you can spend more of your time focusing on the work you actually do. Even better, this is the work that really generates the money for your business.

LEFTLINK Delivers More Leads

Though you might have some ways of getting leads, the truth is that you probably aren't an expert in lead generation. Sure, your business might be staying afloat, but lead generation experts from LEFTLINK could bring you more leads to work off of. You may find yourself with so many leads you have to expand your business.



LEFTLINK Tests Different Approaches

LEFTLINK has the ability to test different approaches. You might think that you know the best ways to generate leads, but you won't know for sure if it's as perfect as you thought until you test it against something else. For example, the company might write two completely different letters to your local market, each focusing on different benefits your business could bring to the potential customer. One approach may work significantly better for you. You won't know this until you try.

LEFTLINK Focusses on Quality Leads

Some leads you get for your business aren't really quality leads. You might be getting a lot of "looky-loos" or others who aren't really interested in spending money. When you hire a lead generation company, they can search deeper for potential customers. LEFTLINK caneven verify the lead for you, making sure that the person really is at a stage where he's ready to spend some money.

LEFTLINK Tracks Efforts

Best of all, the lead generation company like LEFTLINK will be able to track any of the efforts they make and use that data to better optimize your results. Most business owners simply don't have the background to take this in-depth approach. Hiring LEFTLINK puts you in good hands.

It's a relief to be able to spend your working hours on the work that's most meaningful to you. Contact LEFTLINK today to see how affordable lead generation services can be.


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